Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The Dark Seas of Europa - WIP

At the moment tests are being performed on a submarine that is planned to be sent to Saturn's moon Europa where it will penetrate the icy crust to explore the oceans below.
Here's a link describing it in more detail;

There's always a slim chance that these oceans could be teeming with life which is where the picture inspiration came from.

A little unlikely that a marine creature of this size is down there but wouldn't it be cool if there was!

Below is a description of the steps taken so far. New ones will be added as the picture progresses;

First Stage
This is the initial colour rough. First pass to plan out the mood and rough composition.

Second Stage
The details are now starting to take shape. The focal area is the alien creature's head which looms into view from the murky waters.

Third Stage
First pass on the body shape. Definitely going to knock it out of focus like I`ve done on this stage. The flow of the body looks a little broken at the moment which is making the alien creature look a little stiff. Still need to inject a bit more of the original picture's atmosphere back into it.

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