Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Dr Timmy's Time Quest

Ah, this threw back some memories from my childhood when I was painting this picture.
It's a tape cover for a mock £1.99 budget game that would of been around when the Spectrum and Commodore 64 computers were king.
For some reason these games were sold in all sorts of shops. Strangest I remember was our local drugs store?!

Valentines card

Valentines card I produced for my wife. Drawn in pencil and then painted in Photoshop.

My Grandparents

Pastel pencil portrait of my grandparents. This was one of the longest portraits I`ve drawn. I think it took little over 24 hours to complete. It was produced for my Gran's 80th birthday and
was presented to her in front of my whole family which was pretty scarey.

Slotz game

Another colourful game design. This time it's a game based on an old computer game that my brother and I produced in our teens. Mike did the foreground sprites and I drew and coloured the backdrop.

Christmas Dizzy

A colourful festive sketch for a game idea I was designing.

The troll with a quiff

Photoshop painting of a troll sporting an impressive Elvis quiff. Not sure why but it made me laugh when I put it on his head so it stayed.


Drawn in Photoshop using photo reference.

The Easter Bonnet Parade

One of five easter cards created for my wife's card business.
Each character was sketched at least three times. The final version was drawn to a much larger scale and then reduced to fit on the card.
Finally the colour was applied using Photoshop using a very low brush opacity to give it a unique watercolour finish.

The Commuting Accountant

My take on an accountant commuting on the train to London.


Pastel portrait of my Daughter, Molly.